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  • Our Team

    Our team is integrated with specialists, assistants and receptionists highly qualified and selected by the director of the clicnic Cosme Vela-DDS with more than 15 years’ experience, honesty and quality.You can be confident about our work and be sure we’ll never charge more and our prices will be fair. You’ll be more than welcome if you visit us

  • Nuestros Pacientes...

    Muy satisfecha con la atención y el trato del personal! Muy amable y profesional. No puedo dejar de mencionar  la presentación tan limpia y bonita de las instalaciones de la clínica. Gracias! Tere Cañedo.
  • Our Facilities

    Our facilities have an exaggerated sterilized procedure. This is done with an Steelco Italian washer used in European hospitals and clinics and a German Midmark M11. Besides this we have Belmont led lamps and Marus last generation dental chairs

  • Our Pacients...

    I highly recommend Dr. Cosme Vela. He is very nice and very helpful. His staff is always smiling and very polite. You are always seen very quickly, there is not a long wait. I highly recommend
  • The most advanced dental techniques

    Damon system self-ligating braces. This means that rather than attaching the arch wire to the brackets with elastic ligatures, the brackets themselves have a component that closes around the wire to keep it attached. Damon system brackets are less noticeable than the brackets of traditional metal braces and come in clear versions for the image conscious.

All dental specialties in one place with the best facilities in Mexicali Baja California. A world class clinic!
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Dr. Cosme Vela R.

 Orthodontics. U de J. Brackets dentales, Sistema Damon, Brackets Autoligables.
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Dra. Zureya Fontes G.

 Periodontics U.A.B.C
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Dr. Helio Lozano N.

 Endodontist U.A.Q.
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Dra. Norma Rodríguez.

 Dentist U.A.B.C.
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Dr. Sócrates Robles A.

 General Dentistry U.A.B.C
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Dra. Karla Mendoza F.

 Pediatric Dentistry U.A.B.C
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Dr. Jesus Famania

 Maxillofacial Surgery U.N.A.M

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