Welcome to Vela Dental Clinic

Up your beauty.

Recover your trust.

Smile again.

We know it.

We have heard it, too. We arrive somewhere thinking we are finally about to solve our problems, but…

It turns out they don’t know how to solve it.

We discover that the right specialist is not there and we have to move places.

They don’t have the best technology for our needs to ensure success.

And that is why here, at Vela Dental Clinic we offer you:

Dentists with proven experience, whose work is recognized nationwide.

A team with great specialists all in one place.

The most up to date technology, capable of diagnosing and making your teeth better.

What our patients are saying

Angelica Guzman

I finished my treatment in the promised tme I’m super happy.”

Lourdes Sánchez

I appreciate his attention, but mostly his work quality I’m leaving really happy.”

Raquel Reyes

They took care, had much patience and their use of technology made the treatment faster..”

Your comfort is our priority.

Free transport

If you are coming from the West border of Calexico, call us and we will transport you here totally free!

Digital dental history

A dental history is crucial to keep track and have a better understanding of your past and current situation. We work on it in a digital format, making this much easier for you.


We will make sure that every moment you stay with us, you do so in the most comfortable way possible. From our waiting rooms to the moment when you go into your consultation, from start to finish.

Start your journey on the change you need.