Why Fruit Juice Can be Worse than Soda for Your Teeth?

Why Fruit Juice Can be Worse than Soda for Your Teeth?

It also contains the common vitamins and minerals we know of such as vitamin C. However, according to dental professionals, fruit juice can also pose danger to our teeth. Should you avoid them altogether?

Fruit juice can have high sugar content

According to the national health service, fruits release sugar when they’re blended or turned into smoothies. Sugar can expose teeth to damage. They serve as food for bacteria, which in turn get converted to acids. These acids attack the tooth enamel and cause cavities. Gums can also be affected due to bacteria build-up. When the gums weaken and loosen up, teeth may fall out. Another surprising fact about pure fruit juice is that although a lot healthier, they may contain more sugar than the commercial juices that we’re familiar with. The solution is to lessen our intake of fruit juice or choose those without added sugar.

The tooth enamel gets beaten

The outermost layer of the teeth or the enamel can weaken faster with persistent acid attacks. Acids found in fruit juices can lead to the tooth enamel eroding faster. Fruit juice is healthier than fizzy drinks but they’re more acidic and can also cause more damage to the teeth.

According to studies, Orange juice can soften tooth enamel.  This does not mean, though, that we should stay away completely from fruit juices. Moderation is key so we can still enjoy fresh fruit juice without compromising our oral health.

Fruit juice can harm our teeth only if we let it

When we look after our teeth, we also get to avoid dental problems and in turn lower long-term dental costs. This means it’s important to pay more attention to your choice of drinks. Our body needs vitamins coming from fresh fruit juices, but we also need to protect our teeth at the same time.

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